How my day goes most of the time

Get out of bed some where between 6:00 and 12:00
Go to back yard start the old truck (sometime she run's sometime she don't).
Get to shop open gate
Cuss at stupid dog for jumping on gate and splashing me with water or dirt
Put dog up in his pen
Make sure dog has water
Clean up gift left at the front door by dog
Turn off alarm (now what was that damn number)
Turn on lights (damn another light burned out)
Grab ladder and new bulb
Put ladder near light start up damn light comes on
Put ladder away
Turn on power
Make me a cup of coffee (instant cause I am too lazy too make a pot)
Clean out machines (sort a like changing dirty diapers)
Try to make computer run (I hate computers)
Down load programs to machines
set zero in machines
Set tool's and I am off and running
Feed and watch them all day (sort a like baby-sitting)
Grab mop machine peed all over floor
Grab bucket put more coolant in machine
Answer phone (no I don't what to change long distant carriers and no I don't have any money to donate to the sheriff posse or PAL)
Damn while on phone tool broke took three others with it
Well I have had a much fun as I can stand for this day
Turn off power to machines
Turn off lights
Feed dog
Set alarm and lock door(Wishing I could drive the 98 Dodge Diesel home)
Start truck (same as morning)
Let dog out of pen (try not to trip over him on way out gate or get peed on just so glad to see me)
Lock gate and go home
At home turn on computer get on line check mail (oh look only 10 people wanting me to visit there XXX site)
Look e-mail from my sister what did I do wrong now maybe I forgot to dot an i or something
Get off line do some book work
Get back on line work on web page some
Go to drag racing chat room see what going on
Go to bed
And that how my day goes most of the time
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